Sheng Chu Interior Design Company has been in the interior design field for more than 30 years, with rich practical experience and a wide range of international services. Our services cover Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other regions, and we also connect to global business channels through our service bases across the Taiwan Strait.
Initial contact
During our first meeting, we will send a specialist to your site to understand your needs in person, measure the site, take photos and understand space conditions for the subsequent planning and design.
Layout planning
The exact dimensions of the site measurements will be computerized to produce the original floor plan, and from the original floor plan, we will make different sketch designs for you based on your needs. We will select the design that meets your needs from the various sketches and draw the layout plan further.
Layout discussion
We will continually discuss the relevant issues with you, and improve the planning in the preliminary design by means of the layout plan. (Note: Clients need to sign a separate design contract if they need the 3D simulation design plan).
Project quotation
Confirm the layout plan, list the estimated quotation of the project, and suggest and select the material and color for the construction.
Contract signing
After confirming the layout plan and the estimated quotation of the project, we will sign the decoration contract with you. (Note: Before signing the contract, we can't leave the layout plan to the client, so please note here).
Construction / Process
Once the construction plan is completed, we will start to schedule the progress of the project. The whole project will be executed based on the construction progress plan, and we will monitor the overall construction quality for you.
Completion and acceptance
Based on the construction schedule, we will complete the project on time, and inspect and accept it jointly with the client.
After-sales service
We provide one year of construction quality warranty and permanent after-sales service.
We consider every employee important,
We not only have a good working environment,
But also provide space for learning and growth.
Our company is constantly expanding and improving,
Welcome talented people to join us.
Recruitment Hotline: (02)2917-2929 ext. 209
Human Resource Specialist Ms. Tsai